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30 Aug 2009 - vs Blacks FC (2.30pm @ Balestier ITE)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Results Round-Up: June & July

Joe Red, Editor
SFC News

June and July was an exciting couple of months for the Enders as their matches produced a total of 11 goals from 3 matches.

Here’s a quick round-up of the results:

26 July
Stretford FC 0-2 Fusion FC

5 July
Stretford FC 3-2 Jurong Santander
(SFC: Oki, Wei Jie, Ridhuan)

28 June
Stretford FC 2-2 ChelseaSG
(SFC: Shawal, Glenn)

Stretford FC are scheduled to play their next match on 30 August 2009 with organizers yet to confirm the opponents they will be facing.

As always, SFC News will keep everyone posted on the latest happenings surrounding the Enders progress in the coming weeks.

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