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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yip pens lucrative endorsement contract

Tan Fei Mao
Correspondent, SFC News
26 April 2009

Above: Yip is "lovin'" his new deal with Uncle Ronald

Stretford FC staff and players were made to sweat for over a week following intense investigations over improper pre-match dietary practices were made by both the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) as well as the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The news marred what seemed like a fabulous week for Stretford FC after their empathic 5-1 win over Red Star Belgrade two Sundays ago.

Oh how things have changed in a week.

In an astounding turn of events, it has been announced now that AVA and HPB officers that were spotted at the Enders pre-match were all present as part of final touches to approve a multi-million dollar endorsement contract between Stretford full-back Yip Siu Ming and fast food giants McDonalds.

This latest development will see Yip as the first player to pen an endorsement contract with a fast food chain. As part of the deal, the player will receive 3 years worth of McDonald’s premium ‘Big Mac’ meal as well as an additional clause in his contract to have an endless option to ‘upsize’ his meals. In return, the Hong Kong-born defender will appear in various television and print commercials for the span of the 3 years with them.

When questioned about the reported “discomfort” Yip was said to have experienced during the Enders last match, a HPB spokesperson said “we got word from our bosses that Siu Ming was having stomach issues during the match following a Big Mac lunch and decided to investigate it since we were also aware of a pending deal with McDonalds and the player.”

“It turned out that the problems were not due to the Big Mac itself, but primarily because the player claimed to have had too much too close to the match. In the end, we gave the green light for the deal.” added the spokesperson.

After clarification was made for the investigations, SFC News headed over to Yip’s mansion at Holland Village to get the charismatic player’s comments on the whole deal but were instead greeted by a short but upbeat reply.

“I’m lovin’ it!”

Monday, April 20, 2009

5 goals in 5 star performance from the Enders

Joe Red
Editor, SFC News
20 April 2009
Above: Wu comes close with a header
Stretford FC 5 - 1 Red Star Belgrade
The streaking hot sun could not stop the Enders from recording an emphatic 5-1 victory against Red Star Belgrade at Kranji Secondary School. A brace from striker Shawal Rosly was followed by goals from Roy, Dennis and Ethan as Stretford ran out comfortable winners and continue their impressive form.
Players and fans were made to wait until the second half before the first goal of the match came after a controversial decision led to a penalty kick which was slotted away by Shawal to put his side ahead in the match. The Enders striker was probably the most relieved man on the field after wasting several chances to put his team ahead in the first half.
It seemed as though Stretford would take control of the match from there on but they had their spirits deflated momentarily when a brilliant long-range free kick found the back of the net moments later. Goalkeeper Gabriel Loo looked to have been caught off-guard as Belgrade's drove a swerving shot from the left of the box. The equaliser looked to have spurred on Belgrade but the match was to take another decisive turn.

After some exciting wing play from left back Asyraf, his cross shot somehow creeped its way to the feet of Shawal who smashed the ball from inside the box to grab the lead once again. The move summed up Stretford's brilliant wing play from wingers Glenn Wong and Tang who were terrorising the defence on their respective flanks.

The Enders never looked back from then on when substitute Roy Lee came on to devastating effect with an unstoppable low drilled shot to open his account on the goalscoring charts. A beauty of a goal came soon after from midfielder Dennis Ang when he unleashed a superb half-volley from way outside the box. A possible candidate for goal of the season.

Ethan Tam rubbed salt into the wounds of Red Star Belgrade with a quick turn shot that capped off a dominant performance and made absolutely sure of the victory for the Enders.

"It was hard watching from the sidelines but the boys definitely put up an impressive display." said regular center back Ivan Lee at the post-match conference.

"We looked slightly shaky at moments. But I think the match never looked out of our grasp." added Lee.

While the match may have been one to celebrate for Stretford players and fans, some shine was taken off the win after it was reported that the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) as well as the Health Promotion Board (HPB) will be conducting an investigation following alledged "improper food consumption" which led to a couple players being absent and suffering from "suspect" fitness. Rumours are arising that popular fast food figure Ronald McDonald has been called into questioning as part of the case.

SFC News will continue to update readers on the any developments in the coming days.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Young guns to face test against Belgrade experience

Tan Fei Mao
Correspondent, SFC News
12 April 2009

Above: Will it be a repeat against the experience of Milan in '06?

After a postponement (due to bad weather) of the much anticipated FC Barcelona match last weekend, another date has been set for the Enders to finally get their first official match out of the way.

19 April will see the classic clash between youth and experience as Stretford FC take on the veterans from Red Star Belgrade at Kranji Secondary School. While many were disappointed with last week's changes to the match schedule, it may be a blessing in disguise for the Enders as they were missing several players either through injury or commitments elsewhere.

The team sheet looks better this coming weekend although only the days ahead will tell who will figure in the squad for the match.

"Wah cannot wait. I order my new boots already!" said Hong Kong born full-back Yip "Swimmer" Siu Ming.

When asked about the upcoming match, Swimmer seemed more cautious about his team's chances.

"We worked hard. I think I even lost a few pounds already. I can even feel my Nike base layer feel loose now!"

"But we have to remember that it's our first real match this week and it's against much more experienced opponents so communication and good work rate will be key for us."

Date: Sunday, 19 March 2009

Time: 1500hrs (pls report latest by 1430hrs)

Venue: Kranji Sec Sch

Attire: Home Kit/Black Shorts/Black Socks

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sports giants to capitalise on FC Barcelona match

Soh Siao Zhang
Correspondent, SFC News
4 April 2009
The world's two biggest sports companies, Nike and Adidas, look set to use the big stage to introduce some of their top range of footwear to the world. With a day left to the FC Barcelona kick-off, it has been announced that some of their star names playing for Stretford FC will debut some of the latest football boots in the market. SFC News takes a look at what might be unveiled tomorrow.

The Adidas Predator Powerswerve is no stranger to some of the world's best players. With its well-engineered design and technology built for power, the Predator series is extremely popular with the modern game's top defenders and midfielders. Full-backs, Jerry Lim and Yip Siu Ming, are a couple of the names that could make their first appearance in the Predators Powerswerves tomorrow. There have been reports also that centre-back Ivan Lee's agents have been in talks to secure a new Adidas contract too.
Above: Siu Ming goes classic with this original Predator colour
Above: Jerry Lim will debut the David Beckham 'Climacool' series
Above: Ivan Lee has been rumoured to have switched to a new white/gold colourway

When one thinks of speed and skill, Nike's range of Mercurial Vapors would probably be the first that most players and fans would associate as the preferred footwear of the best in the game today. These lightweight football boots grace the feet of Stretford players such as Wan Ho Tang and Shawal Rosly. And it has been rumoured that these two will be making their boot debuts tomorrow too.

Above: Tang turns on the style with his hot pink MV Berry
Above: Could Shawal make the long-awaited debut of the MV 5?