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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sports giants to capitalise on FC Barcelona match

Soh Siao Zhang
Correspondent, SFC News
4 April 2009
The world's two biggest sports companies, Nike and Adidas, look set to use the big stage to introduce some of their top range of footwear to the world. With a day left to the FC Barcelona kick-off, it has been announced that some of their star names playing for Stretford FC will debut some of the latest football boots in the market. SFC News takes a look at what might be unveiled tomorrow.

The Adidas Predator Powerswerve is no stranger to some of the world's best players. With its well-engineered design and technology built for power, the Predator series is extremely popular with the modern game's top defenders and midfielders. Full-backs, Jerry Lim and Yip Siu Ming, are a couple of the names that could make their first appearance in the Predators Powerswerves tomorrow. There have been reports also that centre-back Ivan Lee's agents have been in talks to secure a new Adidas contract too.
Above: Siu Ming goes classic with this original Predator colour
Above: Jerry Lim will debut the David Beckham 'Climacool' series
Above: Ivan Lee has been rumoured to have switched to a new white/gold colourway

When one thinks of speed and skill, Nike's range of Mercurial Vapors would probably be the first that most players and fans would associate as the preferred footwear of the best in the game today. These lightweight football boots grace the feet of Stretford players such as Wan Ho Tang and Shawal Rosly. And it has been rumoured that these two will be making their boot debuts tomorrow too.

Above: Tang turns on the style with his hot pink MV Berry
Above: Could Shawal make the long-awaited debut of the MV 5?

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